I am a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Psychology of Bangor University. This blog is about my research, and about interesting bits and pieces I pick up along the way.

My research is on the coordination and timing of human movements. More particularly the research is about the stability of movements under various types of perturbation, such as if you started playing a piece on a piano then were asked to start playing it twice as fast – would you be able to do that perfectly? Or perhaps bars would start at the right time, but the notes within the bars shift around in time? Who knows.

This blog contains a lot of work-in-progress and shouldn’t be taken as Scientific Fact. Feel free to comment though – especially if you spot something that’s been done before (or better).


Seeing as we’re sensitive about this kind of thing… The views expressed in this blog have nothing to do with the views of the University or of the Department. Or of me, necessarily.


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